Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, you can, except that any query string (the stuff after the ?) will be cut out. In general, only the main URL is meaningful, though you might want to also track some key inside pages.

You can track up to 100 different URLs.

Check in your bulk/spam folder. Some programs wrongly label email as spam. To make sure it goes into your inbox in the future, mark our mail as good/not spam.

Yes, you can!

Yes, always!

Yes. You MUST USE a current VALID EMAIL ADDRESS because you WILL BE required to confirm your membership unless you are using Facebook to sign-up. Also, it's important that when you sign-up that you use your real email address to insure you get the email alerts where you can read them.

Google is by far the world's most popular search engine and brings the largest number of new visitors from any source to virtually any given site on the web today. Pagerank is what Google uses to gauge a site's importance, thus it affects its positioning in search results.

Absolutely! We will never sell or share your information to anyone... unless you engage in criminal activity via our services, of course! (see FAQ question 10)

Yes, you can! DO NOT submit links to web pages with content considered illegal according to international and/or United States laws such as those containing child pornography, racism, terrorist or extremist views, for example. If you violate this condition, your account will be immediately closed and your information may be turned over to the FBI, Interpol, or other authorities.

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